Dumbells Vs Stand Alone Machines

Welcome back my fit tea fans. I get asked this question a lot. What is the difference between dumbbell training vs. Standalone machine training? The number 1 difference is the variations in body fluidness and mechanics dumbbells allow vs machine. Based on my 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, dumbbells have always been my go-to piece of equipment for versatility and effectiveness. Do not get me wrong, the strength machines are effective, especially for the novice lifter. This being because most of them have instructions but also provide limitations.

What is the one thing that 90% of the machines have? Well, if I must point out the obvious, a seat!

This allows you to become a prisoner to the biomechanics of the machine, and trust me when I say this; all machines are not created equally. So, if the machines biomechanics are not on point, the machine is rendered useless. Which brings me to my next point. Gym members and fitness buffs who do not know how to use dumbbells properly, simply because of lack of knowledge or training are at a disadvantage when it comes too variety.

Another key point is that a lot of the standalone machines are too big and too bulky especially for a lot of petite women.

So, you can see how dumbbells can be much more effective and more versatile if you know what you are doing. Using dumbbells over machines can be the game changing piece in your daily workout. A great example of this would be someone who is wanting to really zero in on core training. This being because dumbbells provide more intentional stabilization and balancing of the muscles. I know of at least 50 different effective exercises you can get with just a pair of dumbbells. So when looking for increased strength, power, agility and range of motion, dumbbell training should always be included in your arsenal. ( Not to mention they are great for body shaping!)

Stay Strong, Stay Powerful, but most importantly, Stay Motivated

Stephen Oglesby Ace Certified Training Director-Former Mr. Florida92

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